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          Tuesday, 18 January 2022

About Geodata Consultants Ltd

GeoData Consultants Limited is a private company incorporated under the companies’ ordinance (Cap212). The company provides consultancy services to the public in all fields related to Geomatics engineering and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Registered in August, 2001 as company by share under the “Business Names (Registration) Ordinance” (Cap 213) with the certificate No. 130140. It became a Liability Company bearing the same name GeoData Consultants Limited in 2004. Currently GeoData has three core wings that function depending on each other.
1.GIS and ICT wing
2.GeoData Entrepreneurship Development Services Wing(GEODATA-EDW)
3.Mapping and GIS equipment sales and support (MGIS Equipment Support) wing

Our Mission

To offer reliable, accurate and timely spatial data / information with ICT related products based on the state-of-the-technology from qualified, motivated and competent staff.

Our Vision

Provision of professional services and products through experienced, responsible and committed staff in Geospatial sciences and Entrepreneurship development in order to accelerate poverty eradication efforts and hasten sustainable development.

Our Focus and Goals

GeoData Consultants Limited is a profit making company whose activities and products are customer-oriented. Our focus and goals aim at contributing to the sustainable land use, natural resources and environmental management by providing services and products through the latest technologies..

Our Experince In Consultancy

GeoData Consultants limited has worked with a number of organizations in providing services in different specialized areas. We have worked with Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, WaterAid Tanzania, Concern Worldwide, SNV – Nertherlands Development Organization and Ingenieria Sin Fronteras (ISF) of Spain in the Improved Community Waterpoints mapping whereby a geospatial database containing Spatial and Non-spatial data information have been developed and it is now being used by the organizations. GeoData has also worked with United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in the School Mapping Project with the main aim of preparing maps showing the geographical location of schools, accessibility, status (number of students, teachers, books) as well as the school service level.

GeoData has been supplying and supporting GIS based equipment and software to different organizations including supplying Juno ST GPS sets to National Bureau of Statistics, Concern Worldwide, MTL consulting company and TPDF
We are currently developing a geospatial data gateway for Tanzania a tool for disseminating digital spatial data through the Internet. The client for this project is GeoData Consultants Limited. The main aim of this project is to serve digital spatial data through the internet at the fastest and reliable technology. Details of our experience is given below.
GeoData has been involved in developing a forest management and cost Item database for the Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources. The database is based on the GIS – state of the art technology linking spatial and non – spatial data to help the decision makers decide based on true and reliable information.

GeoData in collaboration with TKA Co. Ltd have developed and installed a Property Tax Billing System for the Kinondoni and Ilala Municipality to improve the ability of the Councils to record and track the collection and payment of property tax.