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          Wednesday, 01 December 2021


Entrepreneurship Development Wing (GEODATA-EDW) is an initiative within GEODATA Consultants that focuses on comprehensive approach for providing specialized and high quality services for enabling local communities both in rural and urban areas to effectively assess opportunities and participate profitably in utilization of local resources. At GeoData the belief is that sustainable development is directly linked to diversified entrepreneurial capacities within communities for utilization of the existing local natural resources while adhering to environmental friendly practices. Such resources include land, water, home kept animals, minerals and forests. Based on the competencies the services available to clients include:

  • Facilitating processes for developing sustainable community based water management systems.
  • Facilitating processes for preparing strategic plans for member based organizations.
  • Facilitating processes for preparing business plans to micro and small scale enterprises.
  • Designing and facilitating competence development to staffs of government, NGOs and projects supporting entrepreneurship development to communities.
  • Designing and implementation of baselines surveys, mid term review and evaluation of projects for developing member based financial services, entrepreneurship development, water management and agro-forestry practices to communities.
  • Designing and management of projects and programmes for facilitating capacity of communities to establish and manage profitable farm and agribusiness enterprises.
  • Designing and management of projects for facilitating community based financial services based on Village Savings and Loan Associations and Savings and Credit Cooperative Models.
  • Designing and management of projects for facilitating provision of result oriented extension services to farmers and livestock keepers based on Farmer Enterprises Development Model.
  • Facilitating processes for establishment and improving capacities of cooperatives and related member based organizations through application of demand driven services to member model.
  • Facilitating establishment of farmer led marketing systems through application of value chain model.
  • Facilitating processes for developing community based forestry and agro-forestry management practices.